Since the beginning of time, human beings have searched for meaning through what makes them unique and special, this being the criteria for judgments, conflict and separation; rather than seeing an imperative for the discovery of what unites us as one heart, one mind, one being joined in singular purpose.

Living Only Love Sanctuary is a spiritual community whose members come from a variety of faiths, cultural backgrounds and walks of life, but who have chosen to join to consciously love and serve our world as one. 

Through the humble act of giving all to all, we have found that we are becoming the best, the most radiant and authentic version of ourselves, and that our desire to love and serve grow day by day as do our efforts. 

Never has the world needed what we wish to offer more than NOW.

Never have our hearts longed to serve more than they do NOW.

We are committed to being a force for good in our community and our world; to be a fount of healing and unification and to bring this healing message of hope to every heart that hurts, suffers, feels lost or is in need. 

  • We hold classes Monday through Thursday to teach transformation through love and ignite a desire to serve others within the hearts of the participants. 

  • We hold meditation retreats biannually to help individuals connect with the infinite source of peace within, which facilitates the awakening of the awareness of love as the essence of one's being, the foundation of all that is.

  • In addition, we are actively involved in a variety of service projects within our community which include backpacks containing daily necessities for those living on the streets, providing meals at local homeless shelters, Christmas for homeless children, green initiatives in both Dallas and Fort Worth, and big feed projects for starving children in third world countries.

Earth is our home while we are here in bodies and we all recognize that we can and must do better. 

It is our most humble desire to leave a legacy of LOVE for all future generations. We are here to serve you.
Where LOVE and healing are experienced as ONE 
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Living Only Love Sanctuary