June Thoughts for the Day

June 30, 2018

Thought for the Day

The Self knows no sin.

Take a moment to repeat
that thought and let it sink in.

The Self knows no sin.

So what do you suppose you're doing,
when you get lost in debates
over right and wrong,
pointing fingers, and bemoaning the wrongs
in this world?

When you sentence another
for the supposed crimes
his ego commits,
you do several things.


You draw a line in the sand
and declare that you, too,
are nothing but ego.

Let's face it.

Identification with ego
as the supposed self
is the great rot in all of us
that needs to be exposed
and swiftly discarded.

For when you sentence someone
to being their ego,
it is to your own ass
you strap the false identity
of the freaking mask
and its crimes.


You live in time
and are actively avoiding
the present moment.

Past and future are your jam,
the eternal NOW
your enemy.


...................../..../ / 
..........''...\.......... _.·´ 

You give God the finger,
stating that your world
is more real than that of truth.


Imagine two circles, which,
though both are clearly within
the same visual field
of one another, neither touch
or overlap anywhere.

Imagine that one circle
represents the Self
while the other represents
the ego and its world.

How can you see one
when you focus is entirely devoted
to the other?

Therefore, let us end today's thought
with a question:

What would it cost you
to lay aside all your cumbersome defenses
that prevent you from seeing the truth clearly
(because you prefer being right
and being righteous about it)
and for just one day
to devote each and every instant
to looking (soul-ly) to this moment
for the presence of innocence?


Prayer for the Day

Gosh, for the first time
I am clearly seeing
that I am the problem.

Yet I am also seeing
that there is no problem.

For I would behold
and bear witness to
the face of innocence.


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

June 29, 2018

Thought for the Day

How does one align themselves
with the vertical axis
and thus remain connected
to the inner mystery of one's true Self,
the very mystery of God?

The mind thinks that
it is accomplished by ignoring
or overlooking (often referred to
as spiritual bypassing),
the difficult and often painful experience
of one's inner world
and turning one's attention
toward the Divine.

But this is a bit of chicanery;
tom foolery and self-deception
invented by ego for the preservation
of its world as the chosen 'you.'

If the goal is to cram
the magnificence which is you
into its taut hide, then this is
most certainly the way to go.

Anytime you contract and pull away
from your inner experience,
whatever it happens to be,
what you do is retreat
into the dark and isolated world
of ego and take its form.

Ego is like chicken little,
who always fears that the sky
will fall any second, and if you hang
around here, that will mean your demise
so you better retreat immediately
from the uncomfortable,
painful, or disturbing.

Whnever you retreat
from your inner experience,
even if it is just the tiniest bit
in which you tell yourself
it is to provide some breathing room,
what you do is sacrifice your wholeness
in favor of an identity
which is so much less
than you truly are.

All suffering, and I do mean
every last bit of it, is about estrangement
and alienation from you.

When suffering arises
within your awareness,
look honestly at what you are doing.

You will inevitably see
that in one way or another
you are running away from you.

How deeply will you anchor
to the Divine today?

The answer to this question
is really quite simple.

How willing are you to meet you
with neither storyline or judgment
but a vast and open heart
exactly as you are?


Prayer for the Day

Today...this day...
I come HOME to me.


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

June 28, 2018

Thought for the Day

Yesterday we spoke
of the confusion most suffer from:
that of mistaking safety and pleasure
for happiness or love.

The mask of ego
always believes that it is pursuing
happiness and love,
but what it is actually doing
is seeking safety and pleasure
in order to sustain its identity
as the separated or imagined self.

Now, for a moment,
I would like you to envision
the shape of a cross.

We have two axes, one vertical
and one horizontal,
intersecting with one another
at 90 degrees.

Next consider that chasing after
safety and pleasure
are the purview of life pursued
along the horizontal axis of life,
while happiness and love,
are what is known
when you are anchored at the point
of intersection, completely
connected to the vertical,
to the divine, to true nature,
while still connected to the horizontal,
through mindfulness and presence.

When one is anchored
to the horizontal axis,
life is lived in avoidance of the NOW.

It is the domain of time;
of past and future, of a fear based
state of unconsciousness
to life as it is.

This is done through four
primary activities:
avoidance, resistance, distraction
and dissociation.

In other words, you either run away,
contract or tighten, want to do something
or control something in an effort
to not be present to what is
or to try to change what is happening
by making it more, better or different,
or you simply shut down.

You end up chasing the positive polarity
while trying to avoid what has been judged
as the negative polarity.

You fight with the natural flow
or current of life, and, as Byron Katie says,
when you argue with life,
you are arguing with God.
And when you argue with God,
you lose, but only 100% of the time.

The result is exhaustion and depletion,
feeling comfortless and alone,
anxiety, anger and depression.

Seeing this pattern
is the first step away from it.

So that is your job today.

See if you can catch yourself
in these patterns as they present themselves
in their infancy, and stop.
Relax. Breathe deeply.
And most of all, remember
to ask for help.

For help is always there...always there...

But it cannot intervene
in your life
unless you ask for it.

See what changes for you.

Tomorrow we will talk more
about connection with the vertical axis.


Prayer for the Day

Help me abide in a state
of presence today,
deeply connecting with what is
with an open and a specious heart,
a heart that is wide
as the world.


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

June 27, 2018

Thought for the Day

Never never never
mistake safety and pleasure
for either happiness or love.

Yet this is what the ego has done
all of your life.

To get caught up in this vicious cycle
of chasing pleasure and avoiding pain
and mistaking this for a happy
and fulfilling life
is not only like being stuck
on a hamster wheel
going nowhere but nonetheless
going fast (miscreating the illusion of
something valuable happening),
you become a pond skimmer,
one who rides the surface of life
and has no true depth.

Anytime you do anything
to move away
from your present experience,
this is an act of self-abandonment;
a betrayal of which
is odious in terms of impact---
for what you have done
is abandoned you,
you have chosen to run away
from your Self.


Prayer for the Day

Vow to self:

I have had a misguided idea
of how to find
peace, safety, and comfort
in the human experience.

And now it is clearly seen
that you do not turn away
from what is uncomfortable,
nor run away from the frightening,
but rather, lean in.

Lean in to win.

Now that's a good motto
for living.

Precious spirit within,
hear me clearly now:

From this point forward
and forever more,
I am here for you.

I live and breathe
and have my being
in you and only you.


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

June 26, 2018

Thought for the Day

At the end of the day
the ultimate truth is that

When the mind is on a rampage
and you are blowing up your world
and yourself along with it,
pause and remind yourself:


When you are so depressed
that you feel you can
no longer go on,
or when grief has you
in its crosshairs,
pause and remind yourself:


When guilt guilt guilt
is all you see everywhere within,
everywhere without,
pause and remind yourself:

Oh, my child, you were created
by a LOVE so immaculate, boundless,
and forever indestructible
that nothing can or ever has
touched you but this.

Only a thought believed
can hurt you, and only because
you believe it!

Forever Beloved of this heart,
forever changeless,
remember only that thou art that!

You need not fear or avoid
any of your human experiences,
so welcome them.

Welcome them all!

They are all children
of your LIGHT!

Remember clearly
and hold sacrosanct the only truth:

For the alchemical power of what you are
can transmute every single human experience
into LOVE most sublime and kind.

Precious child, never forget this:

Your heart longs desperately to heal
as does your world
and LOVE is the way,
the only way!

Therefore, welcome everything.

Fear not to embrace what is.

This is the second coming of Christ,
and this is the world's resurrection
into LIGHT!

Roll the stone way!

It's Independence Day!


Prayer for the Day

I feel the hosts of heaven
with me now.

Let there be no edges
or limits of any kind
to our loving.

Come home,
precious world!

Come into these arms
and come back into
our boundless heart!


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

June 25, 2018

Thought for the Day

Who is pulling your strings?

No one ever has, is or ever will be
able to pull their own.

There are only two options:

Should you continue to trust the very mind
which has painstakingly trained you
to believe that it is you
and groomed you meticulously
so that you would be unable to tell
the difference between
freedom and bondage or
security and suffering---
is this what you should use and trust
to lead you to the peace and safety
of the light of truth?

Or should you reach within
the boundless territory of your own heart
and cultivate a relationship
with your inner teacher whose one direction
is that of freedom and whose singular goal
is the Self or God?

Which will you choose?

Who is pulling your strings?


Prayer for the Day

Lead me from untruth to the truth,
from darkness to light,
and from death to immortality.


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

June 24, 2018

Thought for the Day

Sunday is practice day.

You think you know the difference
between pain and joy.

You do not.

You think you know the difference
between imprisonment and freedom.

You do not.

You cannot learn to make this distinction
without your inner guide,
without the gift of grace.

You have been calling pain
joy for so long
that now they are the same to you.

How then could you
tell them apart?

No matter how hard you try
or how much you try to convince yourself
that it is so, pain is not joy
and imprisonment is not freedom.

Let's share a truly honest moment
with one another, shall we?

Without help,
without a whole lot of grace,
none of us could find
our butts in the dark
with both hands.

Yet the buzzer sounds
and we are out of the gates
like a thoroughbred
at the Kentucky Derby.

We do whatever we want,
trying to get life to perform
to the beat of our drum,
leaving our very messy footprint
everywhere we go
and upon everything we do
like a dog which lifts its leg
to mark its territory.

Our lives reek with the fetid air
of "Look at me! This is my life!
I was here!"

Rarely do we pause to ask,
"Who walks beside me?"

And even less frequently do we ask
for either help or guidance.

But today we will.

This is our practice
which we offer up
for the sake of all living beings
everywhere and throughout all time.

May all beings be happy.

May all beings be free.


Prayer for the Day

One with Thy Heart.

One with Thy Mind.

Lead me as a loving mother
does her dear sweet child,
for this one knows not where to go,
what to do, or what to say
to whom.

I give you my life.

It was never mine in the first place
but now I see that. Now I see.

Every breath, every heartbeat.
every thought, word or deed
for the sake of the whole.

Thy Will be done
in me.

Thy Will be done
through me.

Thy Will be done
as me until no life but Thine
remains in this frame
you made.


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

June 23, 2018

Thought for the Day

To access the field of grace
is to live in a constant state of renewal.

This is most easily accessed
through the portal of a grateful heart.


Prayer for the Day

Let me give nothing short of
everything to this moment---
each instant a death,
unceasingly reborn in the living now.

I am grateful to you world!

I am grateful, God!

Thank you for this life!


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

June 22, 2018

Thought for the Day

Who walks beside you?

I will ask again.

Who walks beside you?

Whenever anyone asks this question
and pauses to remember that
they do indeed know the answer,
they take the hand of the inner teacher
Who guides them gently to true awareness
where they again can breathe freely
the rarified air of the Kingdom of Heaven
and drink deeply the nectar
which flows freedly
from the chalice of GRACE.


Prayer for the Day

When uncertainty and unsatisfactoriness
creep into the human experience—-
regardless of where or how it is perceived,
I will pause and remember
that I do not do this thing called life alone
and ask for GRACE to shine Her
beneficent light upon all of us,
reminding each and every living thing
of truth, reminding us of HOME.


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

​June 21, 2018

Thought for the Day
Summer Solstice

Someone posted a beautiful quote
on FB this week by Eckhart Tolle
which said:

"Sometimes surrender means
giving up trying to understand
and becoming comfortable
with not knowing."

And this is how it is with grace.

It is a mystery
beyond your present comprehension,
and as such, your understanding
is something which is completely

But your acceptance
and your trust
is absolutely imperative.

Thus today we pray for grace.

We need not understand
what it is to be the most fortunate
recipients of its beneficence.

Today each of you
will behold grace personified
and you will be invited into Her embrace.

For God's sake,
be merciful to yourself
and say "yes."


Prayer for the Day

Yes, Mother,
take all of me.


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

June 20, 2018

Thought for the Day

Grace captures you gently within her wings
where you slip neatly into her air stream,
catapulted into a state so unlike this world
that one whose heart has been opened
by her and whose mind
has been illuminated by her
can never again be fooled into believing
that this world--- a world plagued by bitterness,
anguish, conflicting opposites,
fear and misery, is real ever again.

Thus is the goal of life to try to fix this dream
or with humbleness and a grateful heart
show all living beings
the way out and home?


Prayer for the Day

Grace, please take all of me.


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

June 19, 2018

Thought for the Day

Grace is the total acceptance
of the love of God.

The idea of God
is one which is either terrifying
or nonexistent to most folks.

Why is this so?

Because it seems as though
there is this all-powerful entity
whose fickleness rests on whims
which are entirely suspect;
one who is worthy of our deepest fear,
our most secure defenses,
and our mightiest resistance
because it wants to snatch
from our white-knuckle grasp
the tiny morsels of happiness
we have managed
to secure for ourselves
in this life.

Now is our Source and true Identity
made foe---a Source which
would surely heal us in an instant
of our every fear
were we to allow ourselves
to surrender completely
to the heart of love,
which is none other than
the power of grace.

Let us today
open our minds and our hearts
which we have shut tight
against the possiblity
of any awareness of our Source,
that every living being
might hear the call
to awaken.

Admit it. Be willing to be
entirely honest with yourself.

This self with which we are so familiar
is not what we really want.

We want to go HOME
and know beyond all shadow of doubt
that should we actually give ourselves
in utter abandon to this Power
that we will find ourselves
both welcomed and embraced
with but one message:

Welcome HOME, my precious child,
welcome HOME.


Prayer for the Day

Take all of me.


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

June 18, 2018

Thought for the Day

Our subject for this week
is that of grace.

The New Testament
compares grace to rain.

When the rains fall,
do they only bring water to the just,
those who strive to live noble lives,
dedicated to the well-being of all
and pass all others by?

Or does it fall equally upon all
without judgment, conditions
or limitations of any kind
placed upon its offering?

Yet few would argue that
some folks seem more equipped
to avail themselves of the power of grace
than do the vast majority.

Who has need of grace
and what is it is it that
makes such a difference in ones
ability to access that power
and make great use of it?

The first big area
that we all have need of grace
is in the area of our inner afflictions.

Painful thoughts and emotions,
the healing of memories,
the absence of inner peace,
all of which are symptomatic of
a life which is overshadowed by the mask
of i, me, my & mine.

Who could possibly question
the need of grace here?

For until the inner battle is won
by a majority of human beings,
this earth will know precious little peace.

But the biggest area
where we need to be able to access
all the power of grace
is when it comes to being open
to the truth.

A few weeks ago, Amoda Maa
posted on FB the following:

"The end of resistance
is the beginning of grace."

And from today's workbook lesson,
#169, from A Course in Miracles
we find the following:

"...for grace cannot come
until the mind prepares itself
for true acceptance."

Thus, the greatest area we must focus
our full attention on is that of
our resistance to the very truth
that would set us free
the instant we become willing
to get out of the way
and surrender to the power of grace.

True acceptance is the fertile ground
of the unlimited power of grace.

Let us leave you with these words
also from lesson 169:

" Grace becomes inevitable instantly
in those who have prepared a table
where it can be gently laid and willingly received;
an altar clean and holy for the gift. "

And from Amoda Maa:

"I don’t offer you enlightenment
as a rarified state. 
I offer you LOVE as the purified heart. 
It’s the path of surrender ..
and the only way I know to enter
the slipstream of unspeakable grace
inside this human experience."


Prayer for the Day

Take everything.

I surrender all.


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

June 17, 2018

Thought for the Day

Sunday is practice.

We offer every moment of this day
in spiritual practice
of radical forgiveness and acceptance.

For we have traveled far enough in this life
to clearly see that it is not what happens to us
that upsets us so--- creating an inner world
in which we are at war with ourselves
and an outer experience which is
fraught with so much unsatisfactoriness,
it is our resistance to what is
that brings the experience
of so much misery.

What would a forgiven world
look like? What would it feel like?

Today we find out.

Thus to each and every thought,
each and every feeling which arises,
each and every encounter or experience,
we inwardly bow and offer
a sincere and humble, "thank you."

Thus today is a day of mercy
all around; mercy to ourselves,
mercy offered unto all of life.


Prayer for the Day

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
for the GIFT of LIFE.


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

June 16, 2018

Thought for the Day
(For Fain)

Love is not a mighty thunder,
but rather, a tiny child growing within.

Nurture and protect this child.

For She is the real you.

Help Her to grow in your awareness
until you recognize Her
as your one true Self
and She sets the world ablaze.


Prayer for the Day

Only Thee
until there is nothing left
of the one I formerly thought of
as me.


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

June 15, 2018

Thought for the Day

Our fourth and final noble truth
unveils the way out; the path to end
all suffering once and for all.

Referred to as the Eightfold Noble Path,
it consists of right view, right resolve,
right speech, right conduct,
right livelihood, right effort,
right mindfulness, and right samadhi.

Let's take a quick look
at each of these

right view or understanding:
There is no one who has ever lived
who does not have a bottom
when it comes to suffering.

And when we reach our bottom
we begin to look up.

When we honestly evaluate
our lives, we see the wisdom
and innate rightness
of the Four Noble Truths.

right resolve: When we reach
our turning point, where our lives
have beaten us into a state
where we are at last teachable,
we determine to stop listening
to ego as our only guide and follow
the guidance of those who have traveled
the same path before us
and found the way out.

right speech: Most
would fundamentally agree
that it is our mouths that get us
into trouble most quickly.
Thus, learning to live integrously
with our speech is wise.

When I was a child, I loved
to create acronyms.

Here is the one I made
for the word 'think':

T = is it true?
H = Is it helpful?
I = Is it important?
N= Is it necessary?
K = Is it kind?

right conduct: Living a life of ahimsa,
the commitment to do no harm
is both noble and practical.

Cherishing all life
as a mother does her only child
is the greatest weapon we can weild
against the self-cherishing
nature of ego.

How could any life hold less value
than your own?

How is this practical?

We have discussed
quite a bit this week that
absolutely nothing occurs
from the outside in.

Thus, when we live
a life which is committed to
the path of non-violence
from the inside out,
our day-to-day world
becomes more peaceful
and harmonious, a clear reflection
of our kind and gentle inner world.

In other words,
what we experience as outside
always matches what is inside.

right livelihood: It is very important
that each of us picks work
that is a harmonious reflection
of our inner commitment.

right effort: This one is very interesting.
For right effort is noticing
when we are trying to be the doer again.

We catch ourselves while in the act
and quite literally stop ourselves.

We see the habit of control,
the knee-jerk tendency
to sabotage the hell out of
our own happiness,
as something we must stop.

We begin to see that the desire
to control is actually the activity
of one who does not trust life
and has not yet learned
the most fundamental of all lessons:
that all things that unfold
in the domain of each of our lives
is always for our highest
evolution. No exceptions.

right mindfulness: How naked
and intimate can you be with all of life,
with your life, how deeply present
and unconditionally kind
and loving can you be to you
and your world?

right samadhi: The goal
of your precious human life
is but this: complete absorption
in the Absolute.

To choose to live a life
where consciously and wholeheartedly
you die continuously to what is,
giving all of yourself
to life in this moment---a certain death,
and sublime offering,
only to be resurrected and reborn
again and again and again
is to live as the Divine,
the Word made flesh.


Prayer for the Day

So may I live and die each moment.


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

June 14, 2018

Thought for the Day

Yesterday we discussed
the first two
of The Four Noble Truths.

Let us review them briefly before
introducing the third.

Thus far we have come to understand
that for so long as we mistake
the mind and body for who we are,
we suffer, because the persona, or mask
of i, me, my & mine
is powerfully attached to what happens.

It chases after what it believes
will bring it happiness
and seeks escape
from what it does not want.

Ever seeking for permanence
in a world of impermanence
is a set up for constant upset

Thus, this mistaken identification
is plagued with neurotic fears and drives
to seek the perfect life or happy dream.

There is nothing that is more
gut-wrenching than
to mistakenly believe that
one's happiness and well-being
depend upon what happens
in one's relationships and one's world
or upon what one has
or does not have.

Yet this is the golden carrot
each chases until he sees
that true happiness is an inside job.

It does not nor will it ever
occur from the outside in.

The third noble truth
reminds us that there is hope---
there is a way out of this
agonizing and afflictive cycle
through the attainment of nirvana
or the Kingdom of Heaven.

Nirvana is not a geographical location
but a changeless state of being,
hallmarked by a peace
which passes all understanding
and a love which knows no bounds.

This is the turning point.

Now you learn what it means
to become your own wings, to be your own
hero or shero.

Now you learn what it means
to love yourself
as no other ever has.

Now you set your feet upon a pathway
to discover what is true,
who or what you really are
apart from the character or role
you have been playing
all of your life.

Tomorrow we begin to take a look
at the landscape and terrain
of that journey without distance
to a goal which you never left.

For in truth, you are not
separate from the eternal
nor have you ever been.

And despite every vain imagining,
you are not advancing toward it.

For how can you set out on a journey
to find what you already are?


Prayer for the Day

Tat Tvam Asi.


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

June 13, 2018

Thought for the Day

The first time the Buddha
turned the wheel of dharma,
which is referring to
 the very first teaching which he gave
after his enlightenment,
was called The Four Noble Truths.

The first of the four noble truths
is that life in a body as the ego or mask
is suffering.

And within the teaching
is the understanding that
for so long as you wear a mask
as your chosen "i,"
for so long will you suffer,
yet you will invest all your time,
 energy and effort--- sacrificing much
in an effort to transcend the suffering.

But transcendence is impossible
is long as there is a sufferer
still present, because the problem
isn't the suffering, it is the sufferer.

This leads us to the second
noble truth----suffering is caused
by attachment and aversion.

Traditionally speaking, attachment
is defined by the understanding that
when we like something,
we want it to stay that way forever,
that it be ours permanently
and never ever change.

While aversion is that which occurs
when we do not like something.

We then invest all our energy and our efforts
toward getting rid of it---the
sooner the better.

Both of these movements
are seen as the by-products of a mind
which cherishes itself
above all others.

But I propose that both attachment
and aversion run much deeper than this.

Attachment and aversion arise
whenever we feel that
something has to change
or be a certain way in order for us
to be happy.

It is when we mistakenly believe that
change occurs from the outside in
and that our psychological well-being,
our emotional balance
and spiritual progress depends
upon what occurs outside
of ourselves.

This is the actual birthplace
of victim consciousness.

And your attachments and your aversions
by thus become your golden calves.


Prayer for the Day

A bigger picture
of what true FREEDOM
actually looks and feels like
is beginning to take shape
and come clearer
into focus.

Today I pray with all the earnestness
at my command that all beings
be free and that peace prevail on earth.

For it is deeply seen that
world peace is the fruit
of inner peace
and can come no other way.


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

June 12, 2018

Thought for the Day

Let us go back and review several ideas
which we have used before
so that they may become the frame
that holds the vision of our message for today.

The first is the idea of EVERYTHING
versus nothing.

That which is EVERYTHING leaves
room for nothing else.

What is this pointing to?

Either truth is true and only truth is true,
or part of truth is false so that
what is false may then be true as well.

The second idea is that of
trying to bring truth to your illusions
rather than your illusions to the truth.

Truth is lost, but only 100% of the time,
when you try to bring it
to the illusion of you and your life
to try to make sense of both.

See how nicely this fits into
our understanding of EVERYTHING
versus nothing?

For all things are restored to truth
when they brought to truth.

After all, what happens to the darkness
in a room when you turn on the LIGHT?

Now we are ready to add a third idea.

"Either all thing die or else they live
and cannot die.
No compromise is possible."
Lesson 163 ACIM

This idea is the same as EVERYTHING
versus nothing and should be
approached as such.

Our next idea is a reminder
that all things are born of mind
and exist in mind----
not out there, in the big bad world,
thus this is the only domain
where true healing takes place.

Finally, let us offer an analogy
of a ship traveling upon
the surface of a vast and boundless Ocean.

The ship is the idea of the personal
and separate self, the mask of i, me, my & mine
which cruises along the surface
of the Ocean of LOVE.

The Ocean sustains and supports
the ship entirely, while everything about
the ship and its sense of what is real
is a total denial of the Ocean,
while it believes the thought,
"I am a ship."

When you try to bring truth
to the idea of you,
it is lost and you travel in circles
chasing your tail-----on the Ocean,
yet entirely oblivious to It's Presence.

Yet when you bring
the tiny mad idea of 'you'
to the Vastness of the Everything,
that which is nothing
vanishes in the twinkling of an eye,
for you have accepted
the healing power of the living NOW,
the EVERYTHING without a second.


Prayer for the Day

Naked, prostrate
before the Infinite.

Only LOVE remains.


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

June 11, 2018

Thought for the Day
(For Katie and Brad.)

In the past week or so, folks have shared
several pieces of news
with which they have felt
both challenged and overwhelmed.

Loss of life, loss of health,
and boundless uncertainties
seems to have hit a good many of us.

I, myself, was told by a friend
that she had asked her sister
if she thought of moving to Dallas
so she could take classes
and hang out with our little sangha
to which she said something like,
"Pelkyong asks too much of me.
I want the happy dream."

And this statement alone
has spawned several hours
of quiet reflection and consideration,
for I did not really know that
people actually thought
I expected anything out of them.

Now if I say to someone,
"If you want to spend time with me,
you have to remain clean and sober,
and you need to be willing
to look at your pain without
turning to numbing and distraction
in order to medicate or avoid it,
that you need to be willing to be here,
truly and deeply be here, and to stay
precisely where you are
in the midst of the difficult and frightening
so that you can begin to trust
in the ebb and the flow,
the flotsam and jetsam of life
perhaps for the very first time
as you discover what it means
to be your own wings,"
I am not saying that
you have to do a damn thing.

But I am stating in no uncertain terms
what I am willing to be around.

And I am pretty darn certain that
you couldn't stand hanging out with me
either under any other circumstances
or ways of being.

Because the light of truth
is ruthless as it shines
on all our madness.

And it has been and always will be
up to you what you do
or do not choose to do
with your life.

But you know what I have discovered?

There is no such thing as
a happy dream.

The illusion of a perfect life
is just that: an illusion.

And what I have seen
in nearly 65 years on this blue green planet
in this particular body suit
is that no matter how much
money you have, regardless the success
or the power you have amassed,
or how many accolades
the world showers upon you,
life is always going to throw you
a curve ball somewhere somehow
to throw you off your game
and seriously disturb your pursuit
of your happy little dream life.

And life gives most of us many curve balls
before we face that final curtain.

Have you met the person
who did not suffer disappointments,
setbacks of one kind or another,
who did not feel fear, grief,
anger and despair, self-doubt,
contradictions, ups and downs,
the unexpected and unplanned for,
failures, loss and hurt?

I sure as hell haven't.

We get sucked into the Vulcan mind meld
of the media and advertising industry's
propaganda machine which tells us
to believe that we are supposed
to find our particular version of the perfect life.
That's what we are here for,
after all, or so they tell us.

Everyone and everything around us
conditions us into believing that
we have to create a perfect life.

And it is so much easier, we think,
to run from what frightens us
than to sit on the edge of that
precipice you dangle from
and feel everything
that is going on in your experience,
to actually die in its presence
that you might be reborn
in the light of complete and utter
surrender to what is.

All I can truly say about life
as it has been lived by this character
and continues to be lived
by this character is that she found a way
that has brought her extraordinary happiness
and boundless peace that does
not depend upon anyone
or anything.

Life happens.

And your life is going to unfold
in ways over which
you have absolutely no control
and despite your best efforts
and meticulous planning.

And there is only one way out
and that is move through
and embrace every last bit of it.

What lies at the heart of all things
when bravely faced and embraced
is none other than
the face of God.

This is the mirror in which
you see your Self.


Prayer for the Day

As it is, Lord of my heart,
as it is.


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

June 10, 2018

Thought for the Day

Sunday is practice day.

"Be kind, for everyone you meet
is fighting a hard battle."

Ian McLaren

I have been quite deeply struck this week by two things:

(1) The growing number of deaths, and particularly that of suicides among people who are relatively young.

(2) The lack of compassion from so-called spiritual teachers out there telling folks that what they are feeling is completely unnecessary and they are doing this to themselves.

This sentiment is rife with compassion's opposite.

And you know what?

What you say may well be true enough, but if it is not said with love, kindness, compassion and tenderness, it is no longer truth you wield, but error.

So since Sunday is practice day, I ask that today be a day when you cut yourself and your world a huge amount of slack.

Everyone is doing the best they can. And, whether you believe this or not, they are more or less powerlessness over the feelings that arise.

The only thing we do have control over is how we choose to respond to what arises. And there is no response we can offer ourselves or those who people our world that counts other than love. Love heals all.

So I began this writing with a quote, often attributed to Plato but most sources say Ian McLaren. Who said it matters not. But what it says is of vital importance.

Be kind to everyone. For everyone is fighting a hard battle.

You never really know what a person is dealing with in their inner life.

So your practice today is compassion, compassion, compassion!

I love you all with all of my heart.



Prayer for the Day

Forgive me world for every time
my words or actions portrayed
one who is insensitive, harsh,
impatient or unkind.

Forgive me self for every time
my words or actions portrayed
one who is insensitive, harsh,
impatient or unkind.

May we all try and feel
a little tenderness today.


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

June 9, 2018

Thought for the Day

You have many rather round about ideas
on how to heal separation.

Many spout off words such as:

"When I can live my life aligned with truth,
then I will no longer feel myself separate."


"Until I can see life without judgment,
I will continue to experience separation."

Listen carefully:

No one has ever healed anything
by living life in their heads.

The simple truth is that
separation is healed in one way
and one way only.

Separation is healed through
naked tenderness and complete intimacy
with the isness of life
as it is.

Think of the word 'intimacy'
as meaning, "into me you see."

Would that we could approach all of life
with this simple, humble desire---
to know it completely
and to love it completely
precisely as it is.

This includes all thoughts, feelings,
experiences or encounters.

This is the practice
of healing separation.

This is the practice
of reclaiming wholeness.

This is the practice
wherein you discover Self or God.


Prayer for the Day

As it is, Lord, as it is.

So may I see and love all.


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

June 8, 2018

Thought for the Day

You are very familiar by now
with hearing it said
that you see what you are not
from what you changelessly are,
but you cannot see what you are
from what you are not.


Because the you which you believe you are
has no inherent existence whatsoever---
it is a concept, an image or fictionalized character
which has been made-up entirely by you.

You are not it, but you are
indeed the maker of it
and the believer in it.

The question
which begs to be asked then
is this:

How does this apply
to the spiritual journey
in practical terms?

You can quite easily tell
whether you are trying to undertake
the journey from the psoitionality
of ego or from the perspective
of the soul or inner Christ:

When ego is leading the charge,
the journey is all about
overcoming, transcending
or achieving, it is fraught with
resistance and avoidance.

Above all, it is hallmarked
by the presence of struggle and suffering,
with precious few moments
of actual palpable peace.

There is always a sense
of a great battle which is ensuing
within the mind that must somehow be won;
be it from some unbelievable act of grace
for which you feel largely unworthy
or by Herculean self effort on your part.

Most of the time, if ego is left
in charge of the journey, you feel lost
and plagued with self-doubt.

You do not trust yourself at all.

Whilst the journey undertaken
with the light leading the way
always sees the experience of each moment
as a call to embrace, recognizing
everything that arises
as an opportunity
to love and heal.

Enlightenment itself
doesn't even really matter.

It's just another word in our vocabulary
which has been misused to the point
of meaninglessness; highly coveted,
feverishly chased, but rarely,
if ever, actually found.

Life is a joy that is lived in love,
appreciation and sheer gratitude----
even the most difficult
and challenging parts.

Escape is not the goal,
healing is.

Transfiguration is the fruit
of leaning in and embracing
rather than escaping through
denial, addiction or resistance.

It is our LOVE, my dears,


Prayer for the Day

I dedicate this life
to the path of embracing each
and every that in the continuous
unfolding of the living now.


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

​June 7, 2018

Thought for the Day

Is there anything more beautiful,
more dazzlingly radiant,
more tender or immaculate
than a completely open heart?

What other than
a naked and transparent heart
could possibly cross the seeming abyss
between the messiness
of our humanity and the blessedness
of our Divinity?

Across this abyss
we each must sojourn
for it is here that
Christ's Vision stands.

Christ's Vision
remains unchanged, unchanging,

It is Christ who stands at the ending
of this journey without distance
to a goal which we never left
embracing the whole of it
and forever one with the totality
of all of life exactly as it is.

Knowing this as the every essence
of life, we implore you
to go about the business of your day
in full recognition
that every thought that arises,
every feeling that unfolds,
every event that occurs
and every encounter which you experience,
regardless how fraught with difficulty,
how challenging or mundane
is here for one reason:
to guide you through the eye of the needle
in this great unfolding.

Because it is for this, my child,
that you took birth.


Prayer for the Day

A radical awakening,
from glory to unfolding glory,
nothing short of that.


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

June 6, 2018

Thought for the Day

Come here, dear child.

Your fears can never be
for you are only loved.

You are so deeply loved,
treasured and adored right now
exactly as you are.

Come! Come quickly!

Come exactly as you are.

That core existential wound
you cling to and protect with all your might
is completely unfounded.

Let me kiss the wound
that it may heal
and you find rest again.

Come look and see for yourself!

For in the twinkling of an eye
you are made whole again.

The heart of God is completely open
and laid bare
for your welcoming.

Precious one, more precious
than life itself, more precious
even than the breath, come here.

Come here.

Welcome home, child,
welcome home.


Prayer for the Day

Into thy hands
I commend my spirit.


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

June 5, 2018

Thought for the Day

People look to enlightenment
as if it is a singular all-consuming event;
some yet unknown and future moment
in time for which they wait in earnestness
and toward which they strive
laboriously, when it is not.

The awakened life is lived
moment by moment as you offer
all of yourself completely,
utterly and irrevocably,
on the chopping block of what is,
with each and every breath----
laying every last thread of yourself
on the altar as an offering
to the Living Now.

This is the cutting edge
where one discovers what they truly are.

It really requires the willingness
to lay fear and every other morsel
you would cling to that would hold you back
from giving all to the Divine,
which includes the ego's favorite goto---
time itself; past and the future
on the funeral pyre of the here and now.

Here you are victim of no one
and no thing, but Life's
most sacred and immaculate
consort in a union which is as
devastating as it is breathtaking.

It is to lay everything
on the table in each instant
of the here and now,
keeping nothing of or for yourself.

Anything short of this
cannot truly be called LIFE,
but more of a grim and ridiculous parody
to existence itself.


Prayer for the Day

I am Thine, dear Life.

Consume me.


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

June 4, 2018

Thought for the Day

Contrary to everything
your mind will tell you,
there is only one way
to transmute suffering,
and that is to walk through
every single moment of your life
with a naked heart that forever gives
all of itself to everything.

Challenge yourself today.

How willing are you, how open, how transparent,
how utterly vulnerable
can you make yourself and give yourself
to everything today?

Can you dare to be the living presence
of LOVE in this world?


Prayer for the Day

With each exhalation I die.

With each inhalation,
I am reborn.

Giving all to all
with a heart as wide as the world.

I offer all that I am
to you dear world.

So may I live
until only LIGHT remains.


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

June 3, 2018

Thought for the Day

Sunday is practice day.

Today your one assignment
is to listen for the Voice of Truth in you
and to step out on the end of that limb
you are standing on, be bold
and dare to share it.

Your instruction is simple.

In quietude, remind the universe
and your Self that
you are willing to receive
any message they wish to share
with you.

Then go about the business
of living your life.

But live in listening mode.

Be sure to bring pen and paper with you ,
because memory is a very fickle thing,
and you cannot count on being able
to remember clearly later on.

We leave you with this final instruction:

You are not responsible
for the message.

You are not responsible for who it is
that is to receive the message.

Nor are you responsible
for how they choose to receive it.

But you are responsible
for delivering it.

We bless your willingness to hear
and look forward to
what you have to share.


Prayer for the Day

I am willing.

I am listening.

Hear my "yes."


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

June 2, 2018

Thought for the Day

A couple of decades ago
I stopped by a friend's house
to drop something off
and the television was on
and they were all sitting with rapt attention
watching an episode of "Oprah"
that was airing.

Oprah was interviewing a psychologist
who had written a book
about victims of major crimes.

He said that after having interviewed
over 5,000 people who had experienced
horrific, terrifying acts of violence,
he discovered that they each had
one thing in common:

They had each experienced
a strong, almost palpable intuitive sense
that had urged them not to open the door,
to not go down that alley, or to leave the house,
to double check the locks, or
to set the alarm.

The point that he was making
was that each person that he had interviewed
claimed that they had each received
some sort of warning
that they had chosen to blow off
and ignore before hand that,
had they chose to listen to it
in that moment, probably would have
prevented the crime
from happening altogether.

We all have this.

And there is not one soul
on this planet who has not experienced it
in one form or another.

It is the sense that says,
"get in the middle lane now"
and you don't and half a block
up ahead there is construction blocking
your lane and you're stuck
and cannot move in rush hour traffic.

It is what makes you pick
one watermelon at the store
over all the rest.

It is what stirs your core
and makes the heart sing with rapture
over the beauty of a sunset,
or what makes the heart weep
in the presence of suffering,
or delights you with sudden awe
over the innocence of a child.

And it is the Voice which I clearly hear
speaking day after day
through so many of you.

When I speak
of hearing two different voices,
I am speaking of the voice of ego
and this other deeply intuitive Voice
that is so much more powerful
than that of ego, for it speaks
in stillness and within
the boundless certainty of peace.

No one gets to the final goal
without having learned
to hear this Voice
of which I have been speaking.

So whether you think
you have had a teacher or not,
you have none-the-less experienced one,
for it is that Voice that each of us hears
in our own time and in our own way
that calls us all HOME
when we have had enough of ego
and its world.

I have such respect and awe
for how that Voice
tailor-makes each of our escape plans
from the prison house of ego
when we have had it up to our eyeballs
and can no longer stand
living in our own skin as we are.

So if you are longing to awaken,
my best advise is to not be mistaken
and think that you are waiting to hear
a voice that will speak to you
in the same language as that of the mind.

For if it used the same voice
as does the ego,
how could you ever learn
to tell them apart?

For me, it would be a sense
of being flooded with a certain knowing.

This knowing did not have words
attached to it as such, so I would try to use
the clumsy tool of human langauge
to try to describe what was
a deeply felt perception.

When the words were correct,
there would be a volcanic eruption
in the heart that was so loving it
brought me to my knees, weeping,
with a gentle reassuring
that helped me learn to trust myself.

And when I did not
get it right, I would experience
what I came to later know
was a full-on panic attack.

So start paying attention.

Be deeply attentive
to your inner world as you
go about your day.

And listen...listen..listen..

For your heart is calling you HOME.


Prayer for the Day

I go for refuge in this heart.

For thou art my hiding place.


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

June 1, 2018

Thought for the Day

We have spoken often
of there being only two teachers
from which choice is possible,
only one of which is actually real.

They are the voice of ego
and the Voice of the inner guide
which speaks for truth--- being
nothing more than
your changeless Reality.

There is an amazingly simple
rationale for choice
when it comes to guides.

You see, both voices aim
at teaching you what you are.

But if only One Voice actually knows
what you are, how can you ask the voice
which does not know the answer
for the answer or help in finding it?

Is it not clear that he who uses ego
as his chosen guide, has no real desire
to know the truth and therefore
wanders aimlessly in circles
which lead nowhere?

Ego does not and cannot
know anything. It is merely
a fabrication of the mind with one job:
that of being the colossally flawed
interpreter of your experience:
the meaning-making machinery of mind
incapable of comprehending true meaning,
being incapable of either knowing or being.

Thus, how can you ever hope
to find the truth by using ego
as your chosen guide?

Let's be honest here. Ego is master
of one thing and one thing only: confusion.

It cannot be repeated often enough:

You see what you are not from what you are,
but you will never ever find what you are
by using ego in a misguided attempt
to discover what is true.

For Truth, my dears, is all-inclusive,
which means that it can have no opposite.

How could truth be true
if part of it was not?

So when you choose to engage the ego
in the spiritual quest,
what is the unspoken belief you cherish?

What possible outcome
could you hope to gain
from this profitless enterprise?

Is it not clear that the only way out
of this highly spurious and fictional state of 'i'
is to recognize it is nothing more than
a unquestioned ghostly artifact
of neurotic imagination?


Prayer for the Day

What could salvation
possibly be other than the recognition
that truth is true
and nothing else is true,
that truth has no opposite?



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