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Knowing God, Living As Christ

A Spiritual Retreat into the Heart of Truth
April 18-21 2019

True Peace
True Love                         
True Power

Gifts which come only from Knowing God intimately.
Instead of inviting Christ into your heart, into your life, why not place all your faith in the knowing that He has already taken you into His?

We live in an age of cynicism, of fear, judgment and condemnation. Each believes his way is the right way. And yet our world does not know PEACE, does not know a LOVE that perceives innocence and cherishes all beings, including our planet.

If you listen carefully to the madness, and even closer to your own heart, then you know that what the world needs most is to discover wholeness again; to discover a LOVE which holds no record of wrong, and a PEACE which passes all understanding. This can only come about as we find our being in Christ. Only then can we live as embodiments of the Divine.

If you feel this yearning within your own heart--- to be a force for change and all that is good, beautiful and holy, we invite you to retreat with us over the Easter Holy Days. Together we will explore what it means to live and move and have our being in Christ and to live as the LIGHT of the world.

Where: 7426 Wellcrest Drive
Dallas, TX. 75230
Hours: 9:00 - 5:00 daily.
Suggested donation: $54.00 per day.
For further information:
Email: info@livingonlylove.org
Phone: 972-643-8192
Please note: R.S.V.P. is necessary as space is limited.
***No previous meditation experience necessary