November Thoughts for the Day

November 30, 2018

Thought for the Day

There is no freedom possible
for the character of you.

The only freedom possible
is from the character.


Prayer for the Day

No me, no problem.


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

November 29, 2018

Thought for the Day

The idea that truth is true
and only truth is true
does not require belief,
but it does require acceptance.

You can deny a fact,
but you cannot change it.

The laws of truth; of love,
of happiness, of life,
were not made by you,
but for you.

Cover your eyes if you must.

You will not change anything in reality.

Only your experience will change
to one of unreality.

For the energy which you
have withdrawn from truth,
you have given over to fear.

And when you do this,
happiness and peace
will forever remain just beyond
your furtive grasp
no matter what you do.


Prayer for the Day

Teach me to loosen the grip.


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

November 28, 2018

Thought for the Day

What can stand beyond the Everywhere,
thumping it's chest in proud defiance,
defending its puny separate existence,
shouting to its self and world,
"But I am the mask I wear!
I gotta do me!"

What a cost you pay, my child,
by believing this is you.

Remember. You can deny the truth,
but you cannot change it, ever.


Prayer for the Day

I forgive myself at last
for believing that I was
something which can never be.

"I had a dream...."

Thank God it was not real.


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

November 27, 2018

Thought for the Day

Can you accept that
you are lovable and worthy
just as you are?

How willing are you, in this instant,
to allow the love in
which would heal you entirely
of your belief that you are not?

Until you let love in,
until you fully and authentically love yourself,
love all of you, you do not love in truth.


Prayer for the Day

We are here to love and serve.

How can an unhealed healer do that?

I am ready, Lord, I am ready.

Love heal me.


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

November 26, 2018

Thought for the Day

You can deny the truth
but you can never
change it.

Why seek the living among the dead?


Prayer for the Day

I yam what I yam
and that's all that I yam.

Thank God.


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

November 25, 2018

Thought for the Day

Sunday is practice day.

After a careful and thoughtful review
of the question, "What do I want?",
it stands to reason that
we should center our practice today
around a version of the question
which we asked on Thanksgiving Day:

What can I give, what will I bring
to the banquet table of life,
in this holy instant,
this unique and precious moment
in which I now stand?

Both having and being
why not leave all your cards
on the table of life
in each precious moment
of the living now,
giving nothing short of everything?

I think I actually figured out
my 2019 mantra:

Go big or go home.

Practice well, my lovelies.

And please do share the prayer of your heart
if willingness and the will to collaborate arises
in the celebration of life.

(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

November 24, 2018

Thought for the Day

There is a deep longing in this heart
to revisit a question
from earlier this week.

What do I want?

For it seems that no one really
understood what was being asked.

If all you ever do is relate to others
and your world on the level of
the personal self, you really have not understood
the first thing about relationship at all.

To sentence relating to this level
is to relate to your world on the level of ego.

Even if you are trying to behave 'spiritually,'
it is conceptual kindness,
conceptual loving, conceptual patience, etc.

This is the egoic mind's interpretation
of these qualities: your very own personal
hierarchy of illusions.

There are only two possibilities
when it comes to the question,
"What do I want?"

You are either a vehicle of truth,
or you are offering
the confusion of the personal self.

What do you want?

Do you see each interaction
as a prayer, a gift and an opportunity?

Or is your life all about the mundane
and the spiritual ego's version
of what makes a spiritual life?

Practice well
and be very very clear
about where you are coming from.

Self-delusion is the only delusion.

And please do share the prayer of your heart
if willingness and collaboration arises.

(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

November 23, 2018

Thought for the Day

Today's question is a real humdinger.

What would you say to someone
who persisted in attempting the impossible,
believing that if he just tried harder,
tried better or somehow tried things differently,
that he would achieve success?

We each have rolled our eyes,
had our hearts broken,
and gave up on friends and family
whom we have watched
in pity and in pain
attempt just that.

Sometimes we could barely
retrain the contempt
which we felt for such ignorance.

Yet what we fail to acknowledge
to ourselves is how many times
it has been our friends and family
who have waited and prayed
from the sidelines, watching
us do the very same thing.

Watch today for habitual patterns
of ignorance on your part,
when the massive amount of evidence
which you have accrued
tells you clearly that
you should try something

And try the Buddhist thing:
apply the antidote.

Try doing the opposite.

If its a hook you repeatedly bite,
don't. Just for this one instant.

If it is something which
you always react to,
take a step back
and a long deep breath
and respond with kindness.

And most importantly.
remember this question:

Who ya gonna call?

Ego knows nothing, but
in the depths of your heart
is the Source which hung the stars
and set the universe in motion.

Why not ask It for help
in the humbling recognition
that you were never asked to master
an unsupported faith,
not to figure any of this stuff out
all on your own.

Happy practicing.

Please share the prayer of your heart
if willingness and collaboration arises.

(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

November 22, 2018

Thought for the Day

Happy Thanksgiving.

Today's question:

What can I give right now,
in this particular moment?

What can I do to add to the holiness
of this day which is dedicated
to thoughts of gratitude 
and a heart of thankfulness?

Do share about your day.

Be safe, be joyful, be grateful
and share the prayer of your heart
if willingness and collaboration arises.

(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

November 21, 2018

Thought for the Day

Ready for today's questions?

There are two, and it is very important
to ask them both.

What do I want?

Whom shall I ask?

If it is true, and indeed it is,
that projection makes perception,
then life doesn't happen to you;
for you are the writer, the director,
the producer, the best actor,
the supporting cast, film editor,
as well as the chief critic.

This is why these two questions
are so important.

To bring each of them from
the unconscious to conscious awareness
is vital if peace and happiness
is what you truly value.

And when it comes to the question,
"Whom shall I ask,"
you only have two choices:
the ego or the inner teacher.

Here is a real gem
which will save you countless
hours of searching and suffering
if you take it to heart:

You cannot ask for something
which is not born of a True Cause.

Since there is only One True Cause
and that is God or Love,
this will help immeasurably
in sorting out truth from illusion,
love from fear, the possible
from the impossible.

Again, we look forward
to hearing from you.

When you feel that you have worked
with your questions and examined
them sufficiently, please respond
by sharing the prayer which rises
from the silent depths of that
great big beautiful heart of yours.


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

November 20, 2018

Thought for the Day

This week we will continue
with the basic theme of offering you a question,
asking that you hold it closely
in your heart, giving yourself ample time
to reflect on it throughout the day.

And when you feel that
you have explored it thoroughly,
you are humbly asked to respond
in the form of a prayer for the day.

What is the prayer of your heart?

What rises authentically
in your understanding
from your contemplation?

Here is today's question:

What's wrong with this?

What's wrong with what is happening?

What is wrong here?

It is particularly vital to ask
yourself some form of this question
each time you observe reactivity,
judgment and feelings of unsatisfactoriness.

Then hit the spiritual pause button.

Once you ask the question,
look carefully for what's wrong
and answer yourself!

What do you find?

I do not want to hear a mental response.

Most of you have become rather glib
in your ability to use spiritual speak
in order to 'correctly' answer questions.

But there is an obvious hollowness,
a lack of authenticity in what you share.

It is not genuine.

What is shared does not speak
from your vertical connection,
but rather, uses the language of seeing
in an obviously horizontal
and robotic fashion.

Please do not shy away
from this opportunity to look,
to inquire, to allow yourself to be vulnerable,
naked and authentic.

When coming from the mind,
there is no such thing
as a right answer.

When coming from your heart,
there is no such thing
as a wrong answer.

(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

November 19, 2018

Thought for the Day

The message offered for today
requires heartfelt consideration
and collaboration.

We offer you a question
and ask that you hold it closely
in your heart and reflect on it
throughout the day.

When you feel that you have examined it
with deep honesty and feel that
you have explored it sufficiently
so as to meet your own requirements,
I ask that you respond
by sharing a prayer, the prayer of your heart
which rises from your understanding
and contemplation.

Here goes...

What would need to happen
in your life
for you to give up suffering

What is true for you?

(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

November 18, 2018

Thought for the Day

Sunday is practice day.
(For Mary)

Your competition is not
your brother, it is your ego.

Your stumbling block is not
your brother, it is your ego.

What frustrates you and makes you feel
like a crazed lunatic
is not your neighbor nor the president,
it is not what happened or is happening now,
it is your ego.

The only pain in your ass is you,
my dear.

And the ego. when believed,
 is a pain for sure.

Redemption lies within.

You will have opportunities today
in numbers legion
to get upset, be impatient,
have a beef, to feel hurt, offended,
upset or outraged.

In each instant, relax.


Soften around your experience.

Let the body relax completely.

Then use the following as a mantra:

"There is nothing wrong."

"This is not a problem."

"I have absolutely no problem
with this."

See what happens as you
loosen the grip
and allow for the movement
of life without any interference
( enter + fear + ence)
on your part.

Be at peace, child of God,
be at peace.


Prayer for the Day

Today I relax and trust
and investigate.

What is the quality
of my life experience
when I get out of the way?

Grace, take my hand
and lead me gently through
the gentle fields of peace.


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

November 17, 2018

Thought for the Day

In the end, all that suffering is,
is an absence of LIGHT,
an absence of love, my dear.

Have compassion everywhere suffering
is seen, especially when
it arises within yourself.

Regardless of how suffering
is presenting itself, be it anger,
impatience, self-pity, pain, loss,
shame, frustration, blame,
it is your great good fortune
to recognize that suffering
is a cry for love, a cry for redemption,
a desperate plea for help.

Those who push against
your attempts to help the strongest
are the very ones who need it most.

Darkness is the only way
to hold onto the untruth of dreams,
thus holding onto pain is the only way
to hold onto the self-concept.

I ask but one thing of you today
and do so with all my heart: allow
the fragrance of truth, which is love,
to come heal you.

Allow Her to come and sweep
your heart clean of everything,
save Her undeniably healing presence.

Be thou, little one,
the light of this world.

For you are she upon whom
the world waits
for its redemption.


Prayer for the Day

Yes. Yes. Yes.

My only prayer is yes.

I will be that one.


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

November 16, 2018

Thought for the Day

All fear ultimately boils down
to one thing: what you think you will lose
in any given situation, which naturally gives rise
to a host of other defense mechanisms.

Watch yourself closely today
and do not try to censor fear away,
but get close up and personal with it
and see what you discover
when you investigate honestly.

Fear is a reflection of one
who has never answered
the most fundament question
one can ever ask 
in the course of their lives:

It truth true, or it it not?

Truth is Everything,
while illusion is nothing.

What is Everything
leaves room for nothing else.

Until you become willing to address
this most cardinal question in life
head on, and test it fully
in the laboratory of your life, what you think of
as your life will be
an endless parade of more of the same.

Your so-called spiritual efforts?

Your version of rearranging the deck chairs
on the Titanic, hoping that more effort,
better effort, will somehow
let you have your cake and eat it too.

There may well be the appearance
of temporary but positive changes 
on the level of form
as the pieces on the game board
of your life move about,
but on the level of content or the formless,
it is all the same.

The sad but hilarious fact is this:

While you worry about what
you might lose and seek to control this,
what the Holy Spirit or Overself sees 
within you is all you can ever
possibly have.

Who has control over what?


Prayer for the Day

Let go and let God.


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

November 15, 2018

Thought for the Day

I read a quote on FB the other day
that simply blew me away.
I have allowed myself to simmer with it,
bringing a deeper awareness
of true freedom.

It says:

"What we call 'I' is just a swinging door
which moves when we inhale
and when we exhale."
Shuntyu Suzuki

And as I sat with this thought,
I reflected also on an insight I had
many decades ago with regard
to the meaning contained
within the Four Noble Truths.

Now if you do not not know
what this is referring to,
it is said that the first time the Buddha
turned the wheel of Dharma,
the teaching he gave was called
the Four Noble Truths.

The first truth he offered
was the truth of suffering.

I have had many many folks
and Christians in particular
tell me over the years, "You Buddhists
are so negative.You are so miserable
all the time. All you talk about
is suffering, suffering, suffering."

But it has been my experience that
most people are not at all in touch
with how deeply unhappy
and afraid they actually are
most of the time.

So they fill their lives
with constant busyness and distractions,
addictions and things that allow
themselves to keep rolling over
so that they can hit the snooze button
and go back to sleep. You see,
this way they will not actually have to feel
what is really going on inside,
in their inner experience of life.

And so we come to the second
of the Four Noble Truths
which says that our suffering
is caused by attachment and aversion.

When we like things, 
when they are going our way,
we cling to them.

And when we do not like then,
we try to get rid of them as quickly as we can.
"Give them to the next guy!"

These two problems, attachment and aversion,
plague the human experience
because of two things:

The first is our self-cherishing mind.

Many people hear this and say,
"I don't have a self-cherishing mind!
I know that I am not all that!"

But what this is pointing to
is that our sense of self, 
what we think of as me, myself and I
is the center of our universe
and that everything that happens in life
is about "how will this affect me?"

This, then, is self-cherishing;
believing that you are the epicenter
around which your world and everything
that it contains must find 
its/their proper orbit.

The second factor is
the truth of impermanence.

Everything changes in this life,
but our sense of self
longs for something stable,
secure, changeless.

Now the insight I had so long ago
was on this second of the Four Noble Truths.

And it was about the swinging door
to which Shuntyu Suzuki points.

The self-cherishing mind
arises when we seek to escape
the here and now,
seek to evade our present experience,
in search of a better moment
with better circumstances,
better feelings, better everything.

After this rather long winded set up,
I issue a challenge today:

Allow for the precious unfolding
of truth and love and light in your world.

Be tenderly with what is as it is.

Allow the light to shine into
the dark recesses of your mind
so that joy and wisdom may return.

Soften into every experience of life.

For to see the GIFT in each moment
is to allow the LIGHT in
so that the fear may fall away.


Prayer for the Day

As it is.


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

November 14, 2018

Thought for the Day

If there is any distance,
any distance whatsoever, between
what you call your spiritual life
and what you think of as your human life,
you have not really understood
anything at all.

It's all spiritual, it's all holy.

Every single precious moment,
and every experience each moment contains
is a doorway to the Divine.

God is in everything manifest,
the changeless Reality contained within
all experience, the dance of Divinity in form.

Let him who hath eyes, SEE.


Prayer for the Day

God. God. God. God.

Only God.


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

November 13, 2018

Thought for the Day

If I were to admit to feeling disappointment about anything in this life, it would be simply this: that I was never able to meet Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche in person.

Over the past 25 years, I have reveled in so many stories about him. And so much of what he taught and how he taught it has hit me hard, like a 2x4 upside the head.

A favorite that I have heard regaled many a time says that when he began teaching prior to offering bodhisattva vows, he would enter the room carrying a plain piece of blank white poster board.

The room would get quiet as he placed the poster board on an easel. And he would then take a large felt pen and draw a black letter “V” in the middle of the poster board and ask, “What is this?”

Some would say, “It is a letter ‘V’.” Finally, someone would say “it is a bird.” To which this master teacher would reply, “No. It is a bird flying through an infinite sky.”

What do we mean when we say that what is false is false and what is true has never changed?

It means that right here and right now, in the midst of whatever you have happening in your life, you have the opportunity to experience what is happening in your world through the eyes of the Beloved, to actually be the heart of Christ, to rest in the spaciousness and loving kindness of the Buddha.

This is what it means to place more attention on the sky than the bird.

You see, life is not about trying to figure out what is the quickest and best way to get rid of the birds in our lives.

It is about discovering how do I stay connected to the sky while allowing the birds that life presents me to move through my being?

I have not been sleeping well. Truth be told, I never have but it has gotten a lot worse this year. Now it would be one thing if I felt energized throughout the day, but more often than not, I feel like something that the cat drug in.

So today I awaken in the wee hours of the morning, heart pumping, rearing to go. And it is cold. Brrr. And I turn the computer on and the internet is not working again. And I remember that the meditation retreat starts Thursday and I think about all I have to do before then. And then I place my attention on the boundless sky of the Beloved of this heart. Instantly, I feel both overwhelmed and comforted by the silent immensity of Her presence within and without. She is Everywhere. My God, She is Everywhere....

And then the mind thinks of the fires in California. Then back to my Lover. The love She shares with me is that of infinite motherhood. She graciously accepts everything as it is and suddenly I real eyes that I am Her. And I hold the folks who have lost their lives, the folks who have lost their homes, the firefighters and other volunteers and the raging fire itself.

And kindness and intimacy flow through this heart with a silent blessing: May you be free of worry or fear. May you rest in the arms of the Beloved. And I, too, close my eyes and lay down every burden as I find rest in Her sweet and sublime Embrace...

On and on life and practice go. It is a living thing, to be both human and Divine. To be in the world, but not of it.

Suddenly, a knowing smile moves across these lips and we, my Beloved and I, set out to love and heal the world through the kindest and most generous of acts---that of simply living it, all of it, exactly as it is.

For Now I have become out the preciousness of this human life entirely under the radar...the very Mother of the Universe, in Her quiet yet sublime immensity,  Unabashedly Incognito...


Prayer for the Day

Help me as I strive to truly,
deeply and profoundly
live this life today exactly as it is.

Grant that I may, in this very lifetime,
cultivate a heart as wide as the world,
a heart which is capable
of making the crooked straight,
which is capable of bringing
every scrap of darkness to light,
and awaken the heart
within all humankind.

So may I forever and forever
live without obscuration.

Only Love, Beloved.
Only Thy Love and Light.


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

November 12, 2018

Thought for the Day

The content of the mind
is not personal.

So why relate to it as if it is?

Your mission today, should you embrace it,
is to hit the spiritual pause button
when you notice you are taking yourself
or life, as the mind interprets it,
way too seriously.

There simply is no separate self
to either support or defend.


Prayer for the Day

With humbleness of heart
I request help and support
as I strive to shift the focus
from contents to container.

May attention rest there.


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

November 11, 2018

Thought for the Day

Sunday is practice day.

For us old fogey's,
do you remember the old Family Circle
cartoon where the older brother,
who was probably only six or seven
at the time, was counseling his little sister
by telling her that every moment
is a GIFT, and that is why
they call it the present?

Every moment is a GIFT
and this is your practice for today,
to see the GIFT, to really and truly see it
and feel it and be grateful.

In every encounter or experience,
take a spiritual pause, and this
is particularly vital when you feel yourself
resisting what is, in an attempt
to ignore, change or escape it,
hit that pause button and remind yourself
that what is happening is a gift.

Say to yourself, "I welcome this
with open arms and heart."

Ask your inner teacher, "Please help
me see the gift in this moment."

Can you be intimate even
with your pockets of resistance
and find the gift hidden
in what you are trying to avoid?

This is all.

See if you can remain intensely present
and soften around what happens
in a way that is both curious and kind.

You do not awaken by avoiding
or denying what is happening
in your experience.

You turn into it.

You turn deeply into it and investigate,
not clinically, but with the gentleness
and compassion of the Buddha
or Christ.

You turn into it with sincerity
and embrace all that is happening
in the Living Now.

Life is a treasure.

Why not stop the pattern of evasion
and start to truly live it?


Prayer for the Day

Thank you for the GIFT.


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

November 10, 2018

Thought for the Day

The awakened state is
undefinable, unattainable
and entirely unfathomable
by the mind.

Therefore, why not simply give up
and admit you don't know
the first thing about anything?

The human experience
is a localized experience.

But Reality is non-local
or omnipresent Awareness.

Thus, we give you
an assignment today.

When you notice that you
are mucking about in the mind,
drop the mind instantaneously,
as if it were a hot potato.

Take a step back
from thoughts and thinking.

Allow thoughts to come and go
like clouds passing through
a boundless and clear sky.

This is all.

If you practice this
with sincerity, it will not take long
to recognize that 
only when copulating
with thoughts
is there the experience
of suffering.


Prayer for the Day

I have to mess with thoughts
to have a sense of me-ness.

No me, no problem.


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

November 9, 2018

Thought for the Day

Three tidbits are offered today
whose value is infinite:


Reality is not a threat to anything
but illusions.


God stuff did not make illusions.

Why try to give the unreal
a Reality, a sense of existence or beingness
which it does not, can not
and will not ever have?

Reality does nothing
but uphold the TRUTH.


Only when standing outside
the EVERYWHERE, in your mind
(which is the only place that
this can seem to happen),
is it possible to ask the question,
"Who am I?" or "What is truth?"

And if you ask it, you have asked
an entirely unanswerable question.

The reason you are afraid of God,
the reason you are afraid of Reality or Truth,
is because you are afraid of yourself.



Prayer for the Day

How easily we fall into the weeds!

Be Thou the lamp which shines
in blazing radiance upon my path,
guiding each and very step.

And if you have to paint it on a billboard
to get my attention,
please do so.

Thy Will be done
in me, through me, as me.


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

November 8, 2018

Thought for the Day

In this instant, as I sit to write
the thought for today,
there is a ball of fire glowing
pink and golden
in the center of my chest
which is accompanied by
such a deep sense of excitement
and rapture as I stand on the brink
of sharing what I feel
is the most important lesson
I have learned in this life.

Now we all learn so many things
within the expanse of a human life;
some of which have been
real game changers no doubt.

And what I want to share with you today
has been such a lesson for me,
for it severed the chord of bondage
and ended the reign of suffering.

The lesson can be most succinctly
summarized in the words of
His Holiness, the Dalai Lama:

"Nothing in the world can bother you
as much as your own mind,
I tell you. In fact, others seem
to bother you, but it is not others.
It is your own mind."

Many decades ago, I put that thought
to the test. I used the field
of daily life experience
to test the validity of this statement.

And you know what I found?

It is 100% true.

Let me give you an example
from life on this planet right now
as many of us know it.

When I have thoughts
and strong emotions which tell me,
"I do not like Donald Trump,
he is a liar and a miscreant. 
I loathe the man, he is destroying America, 
and he is going to destroy the world
if we do not find a way to stop him,"
I pause and ask myself sincerely,
"Is Donald Trump causing these
thoughts and feelings, is that why
I feel so upset, or is it the thoughts
that I am entertaining and believing
which are causing me to be upset?"

And you know what?

It has always proven to be true
that only my thoughts, when believed,
can cause me misery.

There is profound freedom in this
realization and the end of playing
the poor-me-victim card.

Sure. I do not use plastic.
I have bees wax fabric to cover bowls,
silicone baggies and tops,
use my own net bags
to store grocery items
from the bulk bins at Whole Foods,
plant trees, feed the hungry,
assemble backpacks for the homeless,
I campaigned for Beto and Lupe Valdez
who share my values,
help supply clean water, purchase wells,
support Amma, recycle,
pick up trash when I see it,
help others whenever and wherever I can,
work in community gardens,
rescue sea turtles, help to support
two children in Nepal and am vegan.

But you know what is different?

I live and move and breathe
from LOVE, I serve from joy
and I abide in the most sublime
state of peace.

And I weep when I feel sadness
but I never make the mistake
of believing that the sadness which is felt
arises from anything other than
the thoughts and feelings
I am entertaining
about what seems to be happening.

I live in what is and I embrace
what is, and I am happy,
joyous and free.

May you know the same freedom
and may all beings
be free.


Prayer for the Day

The ACIM workbook lesson for today
is offered as a prayer:


I See All Things As I Would Have Them Be.

Perception follows judgment. Having judged, we therefore see what we would look upon. For sight can merely serve to offer us what we would have.. It is impossible to overlook what we would see, and fail to see what we have chosen to behold. How surely, therefore, must the real world come to greet the holy sight of anyone who takes the Holy Spirit’s purpose as his goal for seeing. And he cannot fail to look upon what Christ would have him see, and share Christ’s Love for what he looks upon.

I have no purpose for today except to look upon a liberated world, set free from all the judgments I have made. Father, this is Your Will for me today, and therefore it must be my goal as well.

(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

November 7, 2018

Thought for the Day

If you cannot see the mercy
and the grace in whatever happens
to be unfolding, then you cannot be listening
with your heart, nor looking
through your real eyes.

Time to return to the heart
and trust.

Ask for the wisdom to see truly.

You are not alone.

You can neither hear nor see clearly
while you are in the river.

Rip currents, undertows and rip tides
are probably not where you
you really want to be.

Come back to the bank
where you find sure footing again.

Here, my dear child, love
and clear seeing
await you.


Prayer for the Day

LOVE live me.

For I would be friend to myself
and to my world


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

November 6, 2018

Thought for the Day

Today our work is
with a form of self-inquiry.

Allow the day to unfold organically
and notice all the things
with which you are identified.

I am mother to _______.

My partner is _________.

My best friend is ________.

My family of origin consists of

I am grandmother or grandfather
to _______.

My chosen posse is

My home is located at ________.

My car is a _________.

I am an employee of ___________.

My boss is ________.

I supervise __ ___ ____.

I am a citizen of _______.

I am republican.

I am democrat.

I am bipartisan.

I work for the healing of our planet.

Notice also when you are identified
with specific outcomes
and the efforts you exert
in order to try to make things unfold

As you notice all the things
with which you are identified,
ask yourself honestly, "What would happen
in my world, to my sense of self,
if something were to change drastically
in my relationship with any of the things
with which I am so completely identified?"

Look at these relationships carefully.
See what a fragile inner house of cards
your sense of self is built upon.

Then try, for a few minutes,
to strip each of these
tenuous threads of identification
away. Be empty.

How does that feel?

Breathe deeply into this moment.


Who am I, what am I,
without any external identification

See clearly that your life
has been lived entirely upon
the horizontal axis
because of these identifications.

Notice now, however, a growing
connection begin to form within
with the vertical axis
as you let go of external identifications
and begin to make conscious contact
with your Reality.

When you are truly connected
to True North, or the vertical axis,
changes in life do not produce
a grievous sense of loss in identity,
and therefore do not produce suffering.

Changes happen but you don't.

Tides rise and tides fall
within the Sea of Self.

Life is fleeting and fragile,
glorious and tragic,
beatific and heart-wrenching.

Life is life.

Unfolding Life; you a part of it,
It a part of you.

The Cosmic dance
is beautiful and horrific
beyond compare.

Life lives life.

Life lives itself.

Life lives you,
and all is well, in fact,
it's absolutely perfect....
as it is.


Prayer for the Day

All is indeed well.

Today I celebrate
the unfathomable mystery of Life.

It is all a GIFT and so so precious,
so very very precious.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

November 5, 2018

Thought for the Day

As we learn to embody the Absolute
with increasing clarity and luminosity,
all that could be called ego
is entirely removed from
the personal self, yet the personal self
continues for so long as
you remain in human form.

How can you tell whether or not
you are coming from
the personal self minus the ego,
or just plain ego?

Is there a reaction of any kind?

Is there some discriminating factor
which is operating in an attempt
to control or modulate
what you think, feel, say and do,
something which is trying
to see better or clearer or kinder?

For that which would seek to change
the inner experience is part of the very thing
you are trying not to react from.

Or is there only LOVE,
LOVE for the inner experience
as well as that which is perceived
to be outside?

Is peace in your awareness?

Is there tenderness
toward all of the challenges of
the human experience?

God is indivisible.

This means that all that God is being
is shining within you
and wills to express Itself
in Its totality as the 'you character'
without obscuration.


Prayer for the Day

Within me is the holiness
of God.

Within me is the memory
of I Am.

Despite what thoughts have told me,
the altar to my Self and Source
remains entirely untouched
and undefiled, forever
and forever changeless.

I yield to truth within.

Here is my refuge
and where I place my trust.


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

November 4, 2018

Thought for the Day

Sunday is practice day.

The ego sees time as serving
a singular purpose: the means by which
a continuity or sameness
between past and future
is fiercely protected.

Ego safeguards its positionality
so that you will continue
to mistakenly believe that
the separated self is who you are.

Thus, the ego is always
moving away from what is
in search of how life should be,
how things ought to be,
what it wills to happen,
forcibly trying to inflict its whims
upon its world.

While Spirit sees
the only point in time of value
is that if the present,
the living NOW.

For if you take a vertical
and a horizontal line and connect them
in order to form the shape of a cross,
the point where the two lines
intersect with one another
is the NOW---the bridge
between time and eternity.

Thus, you assignment today
is to see how quickly
you can catch yourself
when you are mucking about in
either the past or future, 
wallowing in the realm of 
memory or imagination,
or actively trying to change what is
according to your design.

When you see this, when you
real eyes what is happening,
return to the awareness
of your breath, anchoring the breath
in both the heart center and crown.

Be very very still.

What do you notice?

What is your change?


Prayer for the Day

On Thee I wait
that I might remember
the true "I,"


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

November 3, 2018

Thought for the Day
(For Virginia.)

No one, absolutely no one,
can either control or effect
your inner experience of life but you.

The recognition of this
is the end of playing the victim
and the birth of a freedom
which is gloriously without limit
as you begin to take full responsibility
for your inner world and cultivate
authentic self-mastery.
What else could true power be?

We change our world
by changing within.

Peace and happiness
are 100% an inside job.


Prayer for the Day

I am beginning to understand
what it means to be
in the world but not of it.

May I ever walk the boundless fields
of peace which I have found within
as I go about the business
of allowing life to live me.


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

November 2, 2018

Thought for the Day

S. T. O. P.

S = Stop the presses! Hold everything!

T = Take a breather.

O = Open your heart.

P = Peace, be still.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

You are defined by who you are being,
not by what you do or do not do,
nor by how well or how poorly
you are doing it.

Notice when you have gotten
caught up in the mind game
of the human rat race---a game
of spirit crushing lunacy,
unnecessary busyness
and constant distraction.

All that frenzy?

Constant activity
is the fear of awakening.

While allowing and being
are the fruits of LOVE,
the very LIGHT
of I Am.

Relax, my child,
 and remember Everything.


Prayer for the Day

I am here...

I am here...

I am hear...

I am...

I am...

I am...



(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

November 1, 2018

Thought for the Day

Let us return to an idea
which was explored on October 27, 2018.
Once again, we are ready
to look deeper.

"When you stop reinforcing
out of fear of Consciousness,
you have at last met fully
the one condition
which is asked of you."

Does this mean that the way
out of unconsciousness
is in the seeing of it, its clear recognition,
the act of becoming consciously aware
of what you are doing,
and to relinquish it or let it go,
much like recognizing when you are
not on point and therefore,
returning to point?

Is this sufficient?

Or could there be something deeper
to see, something which is
even simpler and more to the point?

Remember this admonition?

"The only way out of an illusion
is to clearly recognize that
you were never in it in the first place."

And remember also all of our discussions
of EVERYTHING versus nothing?

You cannot make nothing
into something, and ever hope to
truly transcend it permanently.
It will keep creeping back up into experience
no matter what because we are
back at the point which
Buddha described as:

"A felled tree will still produce shoots
because the root system
is left intact and untouched."

Dealing with anything on the level
of effect whilst never addressing
the real problem or cause
is a delay mechanism.

This is because that which is nothing
is still very much a something
in your mind.

Bottom line:

Unconsciousness is impossible.

There is no such thing
as a dream state.

The reason why peace
is your natural state
is because you are awake now.


Prayer for the Day

I rest in God.


(¸.·´(¸.•´ .•
*¨`*•´ • °¸.•* ¨` * ¸.•*¨`*•¸¸.·¨ ~ .¨¯` ~ •*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• “

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