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Living Only Love Sanctuary

Wish List
As many of you know the Living Only Love Sanctuary has provided classes, meditation retreats, lovingly served the community and much more out of ½ of the duplex on Wellcrest Dr. in Dallas, Texas for many years.

Here, our Teacher has created a precious Sanctuary where all are invited to come and share in the respite of Love. We are so very grateful for all that she gives and for the duplex as our home.

For years we have discussed what a new home for the Sanctuary would include and we are now ready to share that vision with you and ask you to share that vision with us.

We envision:

The purchase of a property to give the Sanctuary a permanent Home:

  • That would allow Sanctuary members to build tiny houses on the property to use for meditation or a quiet respite.

  • Building of a main meditation hall with a flexible space to allow for large group gatherings that would:

  • Contain an industrial kitchen & tools, equipped to cook on a large scale to expand our work to serve healthy food to the homeless

  • Allow for storage and organization of items for our community service projects.

  • Be equipped with a high quality audio/visual system for web conferencing and recording of classes and talks

  • Include a tiny house/living quarters for our teacher.

  • A scholarship program that supports those who would like to participate in our various programs, but lack the funds.

How you Can Help

  • Do you know of a piece of land or property that would meet our needs?

  • Do you know of a clean & safe storage room, facility or warehouse to store and organize our items for our community service projects?

Perhaps you would like to:

  • Donate to our Building Fund

  • Donate tools for our industrial kitchen

  • Sponsor someone for a retreat or class through our scholarship program

  • Become a Foundation Partner that believes in who we are and supports the Sanctuary by making regular monthly contributions  

  • Sponsor a month, quarter or entire year of our storage fees at CubeSmart

  • Donate or donate towards an audio/video conferencing system

  • Talk to friends and family about our vision, classes, retreats and community service projects.

  • Join us as we unite to do what LOVE would have us do in our community, by volunteering to help with our service projects.

If you would like to help, please contact us at: livingonlylovesanctuary@gmail.com or call 972.904.4429​.

In gratitude, we thank you for your Love and assistance.