This page is frequently updated.
 Please check back for our latest list of needs.  
Thanks for your patience!
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Living Only Love Sanctuary

Wish List
The Living Only Love Sanctuary exists only to LOVE and to SERVE.
Because we are a small group of souls thus far, our funds are limited.

We are creating a "Wish List" 
as a step of faith,
knowing that in God there is no lack.

Should you feel led to help us,
we are deeply grateful.

And please do not limit your offering
to things on our wish list.

For we also stand as a fulcrum
between those in need
and those who are not.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to you.

(1)  A better system for recording classes & talks
so that these might be made available via the website as well.


(2)  Kindles.  
As we search for more ways to live 'green,'
we no longer use paper for class lessons,
but send them to each person's kindle.

However, we have folks who cannot afford to purchase a Kindle
and it would be so helpful
if we could get a couple of Kindles
donated to the Sanctuary.


(3)  We would like to establish a scholarship fund.
We have many who would like to participate
in our various programs, but lack the funds.

But we cannot continue to operate fiscally
without your generosity.

We bow to you in thanks.


(4) A video conferencing service for online classes with multiple participants


(5) An industrial kitchen & tools, equipped to cook 
on a large scale to expand our work to serve
healthy food to the homeless


(6) A property (rental or purchase) 
to meet in that would give us a more permanent and stable Home
& with space for 1 residency for our teacher.