Take a moment to hold out your hand.

Either will work.

And, as demonstrated in the photo above, extend your thumb and little finger, while tucking in the three fingers that lie between them.

Your hand now symbolizes a bird.

A bird has two wings and needs both in order to fly.

What happens if a wing is either missing or damaged?

The bird cannot fly!

Such is the message and mission of Living Only Love Sanctuary.

The wings of our bird are that of LOVE and SERVICE, or wisdom and compassion.

We recognize that both love and service depend upon the discovery of the truth of who we are, for only that presence can communicate love, and only that presence serves in a capacity that brings true healing to our world.

Therefore, it is both our commitment and honor to discover the truth of our being for the sake of all of us.

It is also our commitment and honor to serve earth and all her inhabitants.

It is to this mission we have devoted our lives.

May we never forget that the human experience is a shared experience.

We are crossing this great ocean of human experience in the same boat; we are each an integral and glorious part of the rainbow of Divinity!

Because of this, I cannot injure you without harming myself. 

Likewise, I cannot help you without receiving healing as well.

It is our most fervent prayer that every living being discovers LOVE'S meaning, which is our shared Reality, and to our last breath, may you know always that we are here for you.

Boundless Love,

Living Only Love Sanctuary Sangha

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Living Only Love Sanctuary